We are specialized in designing and developing custom travel itineraries, focusing on specific crops according to client’s focus.


Detailed information search about agricultural regions anywhere in the world. For the brazilian agriculture we have a database with detailed information of farms, institutions, research centers, universities, professionals, companies and industries.

Technical visits

Our team conducts thorough search for the best technical visits. We make all contacts to book the visits and we have an extensive national and international network.

Translators and guides

We have our own agricultural experts translators for English and Spanish. Through our partners around the world we provide interpreters in all our trips in any language.

Organizing the logistics

Logistics solutions for the transport of groups and reception. Our business often requires special vehicles to reach hard places such as farms or remote regions within countries, we excel for the safety and comfort of participants and we have the right suppliers for every need.

Air ticket reservations

In addition to the terrestrial logistics organization we also organize the air logistics involving domestic and international flights. Large or small aircraft to meet the needs of our clients leading them to the desired destinations.

Incentive and tourism

See the world on business is not just about technical visits, we believe that a trip to be unforgettable needs to be lived intensely, so we always seek for the “something else”. We also work with the incentive travel organization to agribusiness companies that want to gratify their employees. This type of trip motivates, improves social relations and increases productivity.

Hotel Reservations

We work with high hotel standard, constantly participating in events around the world where we have direct contact with the best international networks. In remote areas we always seek for the best options in comfort and service.


One of the main issues involved in a trip is food safety. So we seek top quality restaurants that can meet the food needs without worry. Good restaurants are extremely important for the smooth progress of the trip. We do thorough research to find the best options in each destination.