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Group of farmers visit the state of Tocantins

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Missão has once again made a technical tour of the new agricultural frontier in Brazil. This time we visited the state of Tocantins with a group of 14 people. It was a week of visits to farms, breeding and research centers, companies and meetings with authorities. The class through videos, lectures and exhibits spontaneous, met in more detail the agricultural potential, the multimodal system of Tocantins and public policies to encourage the rural and agro-industrial development of the state. The fun was due to good fishing.


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A week of new frontiers

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Technical tour in the middle of the country, we visited irrigated rice farms where in this same place in different seasons farmers plant soybeans for seeds, we passed fertile lands in search of success stories in soy, corn and sorghum. These days, besides knowing a spectacular agriculture we had the opportunity to be close to beautiful birds, rare animals and majestic rivers. Come to see this piece of Brazil with us.

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Soybean and Corn tour

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We were in the region of Mapito (states of Maranhão, Piauí and Tocantins) in the north and northeast. Our group was made up of a large number of agronomists and farmers. This region is considered the new frontier of the country’s development, just as it was the Brazilian Midwest in recent decades. Check out some photos we did and you also know this piece of Brazil with us!

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