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We are a travel agency specialized in the agribusiness segment, with all its peculiarities. Our roots are in agriculture, we know the farmers needs, challenges, problems and the farmer’s way. We know what really matters when it comes to leaving your farm or your business to embark on such far-flung destinations.

We were born from the growing need of the producer to meet new horizons, to open new markets and expand their experiences. The cultural baggage acquired in a technical trip goes beyond destinations, it opens doors, brings people, and increases customer loyalty results.

Missão has organized several trips, we specialize in inbound trips (Brazil) and outbound trips to Chinese market, Australian, American and European. We have already made missions in South America, Central America, North America, Asia, Oceania, Europe and the Middle East. Have a look in our portuguese website with our world trips.

We develop a thorough work which starts in capturing information of interest to participants, searching the best alternatives for the technical visits and the creation of a pleasant and unforgettable tour.

We strive for quality, we always try to make a mix of services and accommodation, technical tours, restaurants, transportation with local suppliers of superior quality. We aim to meet the needs and expectations of demanding clients seeking differentiated travels, always with the best cost / benefit options. The result is a supply of solid, reliable service and consistent work consulting on technical trips.

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